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Important !! COVID-19 and the processing of personal data in the workplace

If you want to process personal data in order to combat the risks in the context of COVID-19, carefully analyze the risks and limitations in the context of welfare legislation but also data protection law.

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year


New ! Digital Reception Desk


Via a tablet or our 22-inch touch kiosk visitors can register and print a personalized badge with barcode. Upon check-in, the visitor must provide his personal details, which employee (s), the arrival and departure time, license plate, .... Checking out can be done easily by entering a code or by scanning out the badge.

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“Digital Signage interactivity via touch software is the future”


NEW - Floralux garden and decoration center, Dadizele, Digital Signage Touch application, Kiosk Retail POS, Branding, Touch screen interactivity-
Discover the different applications of interactivity via IPTV, digital signage and touch on multiple screens.
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