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New ! Digital Reception Desk

Via a tablet or our 22-inch touch kiosk visitors can register and print a personalized badge with barcode. Upon check-in, the visitor must provide his personal details, which employee (s), the arrival and departure time, license plate, .... Checking out can be done easily by entering a code or by scanning out the badge.

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“Digital Signage interactivity via touch software is the future”


NEW - Floralux garden and decoration center, Dadizele, Digital Signage Touch application, Kiosk Retail POS, Branding, Touch screen interactivity- 

Discover the different applications of interactivity via IPTV, digital signage and touch on multiple screens.

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“More is more” Digital Signage with Touch widget


Under our motto “More is more” we developed a New Touch widget plugin in our digital signage software to make dynamic custom touch application compatible with SSSP Samsung Monitors with touch overlay.

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Universe Standalone Compact Headend output RF of IP


For small iptv streaming projects in corporate or hospitality environment 

For channel streaming adds on in digital signage projets

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State-of-the-art budgetfriendly and scalable Digital Signage "CM Pro" Compact Media Programmer


Ant Systems is one of the first software companies in the world who has developed a complete solution for Samsung H-Browser and SSSP (Samsung Smart Signage Platform), including multicast and unicaststreaming and touch functionalities. You don’t need expensive additional players anymore!

With the Compact Media Programmer, Ant Systems offers a central, server based digital signage solution. The CM Pro is a media server which comes with our State-of-the-art digital signage software. The CM Pro has been designed to offer robust and reliable performance for up to 20 Samsung SoC (System on Chip) devices.Adding a license and a new screen in your network has never been easier!

Through a practical, hands-on software editor and an extensive library of widgets, you can enrich your presentations. In no time you deliver stunning presentations on the screens of your choice, at the time of your choice. A wide range of media content can be added to you presentations (video, images, web content, rss, weather information, news tickers, …)

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NEW MAM “Media Asset Management solution”


We are proud to present our MAM “Media Asset Management solution” which is suitable for broadcast, operator, governmental and security record and archive applications.

The MAM allows you to record live programs continuously, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by creating a “media pool” with recordings from several days, weeks or months. Extracts from programs can be requested in the administrator module, with an easy to use mark-in mark-out system. Please contact us for more information or demo.

Certified H Browser Developer for SOC Samsung Devices


Since more than 2 years Ant Systems is approved as Certified H Browser Developer for Samsung SOC H-Browser TV's. This means that our IPTV middleware and digital signage software can be delivered without STB or Player.

Currently we have finalized this for the Samsung SOC Monitors which consequently can also be used for multicast streaming of Live TV.