Digital Signage in a Closed IP-netwerk or in the cloud OTT

Your monitors, TV’s, digital kiosks, video walls or tablets are connected with an IPTV box or PC. This device can be remotely managed through the Digital Signage software. The system can receive content through the local IP network or an online cloud. This is your call, both options are possible.

All content is gathered from the server in real-time and not locally saved in the player. This ensures you that all screens display the latest version of your presentations.


• Receive content through the LAN network or an online cloud
• Connect screens using different inputs (HDMI, GVA, DVI)
• Support for multiple display types (TV’s, monitors, video walls, kiosks and tablets)
• Support for a wide range of devices (set-top boxes, PC’s, tablets,…)
• Centralized remote management
• Direct message over-writing function
• Status information possible through the IPTV system


• Content formats: HTML, CSS, RSS, SVG
• Image formats: JPEG, PNG, GIF
• Video formats: MPEG-2, MPEG-4 AV/H.264
• Video containers: MPEG-TS, HLS
• Protocols: HTTP, UDP, RTSP
• Supports SD and HD content