Digital Signage Management

The admin domain is the back-end of the Digital Signage application.This is where the system administrator ‘controls’ the complete system. Within a few seconds, you can decide which content is displayed on any screen in the structure.

You can use the smart planner to program multiple screens days or even weeks in advance. That makes it the perfect solution for recurrent messages or special actions. To manage your Digital Signage system, you can use the following tools:

Role Based Administration

Define custom user roles with specific rights. Acces control is implemented through the grouping of users into categories and appointing the appropriate permissions to them.

Device Management

The Device Management enables or disables certain devices, it allows you to send commands and verifies the status and properties of each one of them.

Infrastructure Management

Manage your devices on different locations by using a tree-based approach. The Infrastructure Management system is your home base for the display of content on all locations.

Profile Management

The Profile Management allows you to select the right profile for each user, using a tree-based approach. You can group users into categories to give them access to personalized content.

Installation Monitoring

With the built-in tools, a system can be monitored remotely. Different views give an immediate, complete and accurate overview of possible problems.

File management

File management allows you to upload and manage all types of content. It gives the user a number of tools to simplify and speed up the process of managing files, such as a crop tool and the possibility to upload multiple files at once.

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