Digital Signage planner-sheduler-Playlist

The Planner tool is the perfect instrument to plan presentations, which is the essence of your Digital Signage system. With the Role Based Administration, the user has to have the required rights to schedule or modify presentations.

You can play each presentation once, periodically or continuously, on any device in the structure. The configuration parameters in the Planner tool give you a overview of all possibilities.

The Planner tool is not only suited for planning presentations. The Device Management enables or disables certain devices, it allows you to send commands (switch on/off, volume, TV channel, continue the presentation,…) and verifies the status and properties of each one of them.

No presentations for the moment? Then you can use a standard page. This dynamic page is fully customizable and hidden when a presentation starts.


• Centralized content management on different screens
Presentations easy schedulable
• Possibility to display presentations continuously

Digital Signage Planner Playlist