Digital Signage Widgets-Dynamic templates

From social media to streaming video, the widget store has you covered. Each dynamic widget allows users to create, modify, maintain and present content in a fast and easy interactive platform that updates in real-time.

Each widget features design customization, state-of-the-art animation tools and components to best serve your communication goals. Creating efficient and affordable professional Digital Signage content has never been more fun!

Do you have a special idea or a request for a new application?
Our developers are happy to create a new and custom made mini application for your organisation.


Allows you to display an image. The widget can also be set full screen, so it can be used as a background.

Image Slideshow

If you want the possibility to show multiple images manually or one after the other, the Image Slideshow widget is what you are looking for.


Enables the user to display textual info in different sorts of formats. Creating layout and structure is easy, thanks to the handy drag and drop content editor.


You won’t miss a beat keeping track of important times with the Clock widget, making expensive clocks for every room unnecessary.


Staying up-to-date has never been easier or better with the Date widget. Never keep a Tueday for a Wednesday again!

External news

If you want to display news or content from an external source, such as a news agency, weather service, etc. .. then this is the widget you need.


The ticker widget does broadcast a message that can be displayed continuously on PCs, kiosks, TVs or other devices. Make your choice out of a wide range of extra parameters and visual effects.


Enables you to send messages to devices, locations, users, or user groups. This service offers you an easy way to reach your customers or employees with live information, special offers, emergency messages, etc.

RSS Feeds

RSS feeds are a simple way to keep up with the headlines. The service shows synoptic news items on a display. An internet connection is required to implement live RSS feeds.

Weather info

This widget provides accurate weather data thanks to an integrated weather forecast feed.


Share the agenda of your employees to show their appointments, tasks and current location (for example, an employee A does now have a meeting in conference room B).

Location Finder

Tired to see people lose their orientation while searching for a destination? This widget helps you to direct visitors throughout your building.


A list with information about doctors,consultations,departments,rooms...

Room Reservations

The room reservation widget allows you to display the reservations of your rooms (for example: meeting rooms). It is possible to give an overview of the reservations, or even to reserve a room via interaction through the interface.

Web Page

Display one or more web pages by inputting a URL address. This allows you to show the company website, news items, blogs, etc.

IPTV Picture-in-Picture

The Picture-in-Picture widget makes it possible to display one stream on fullscreen in HD or SD quality and one or more other streams in inset windows. With this widget, a whole new world of possibilities starts.


The VOD widget delivers Video-on-Demand which allows users to watch their favorite video content. The content can be delivered to the platform via uploading files. Multiple file formats are supported to be streamed through the network after being converted.


Play a corporate video throughout the building or stream a movie for your customers? The DVD service is what you are looking for!


Allows users to watch live both SD and HD streams. The signal is delivered via an IPTV-headend or other devices like IP cameras.