SDI-CVBS Encoders

SD/HD Multi-Video Distribution [input 1 SDI-HD, 8 CVBS-SD]

The IPTV technology allows you to distribute A/V signals through buildings over a local area network (LAN) . Trough an easy to use software interface you can configure and manage input and output channels, on-site or remotely.

The choice of A/V channels can be fully customized for every installation upon customer needs, which makes it a very flexible and scalable solution. All IPTV modules have two separate ethernet ports: one for streaming output and one for configuration. This allows the user to separate the streaming traffic from the configuration to avoid unauthorized access.

  • Nine simultaneous Video inputs - 1 HD and 8 SD programs per module input SDI, Output SPTS/MPTS
  • Encodes 1 HD-SDI video stream with up to four embedded stereo audio channels
  • Encodes 8 analog SD-CVBS with stereo/mono/dual mono audio signal simultaneously
  • Supports PAL/NTSC format for SD and 720p/1080i format for HD
  • Separate GbE ports (RJ45) for video streaming and console management