IPTV Administrator

The IPTV Admin domain is the back-end of the IPTV universe. This is where the system administrator “controls” the complete system.

IPTV admin

Key features

Role based administration

Define custom user roles with specific rights. Access control is implemented through the grouping of users into logical categories and appointing the appropriate permissions to them. Making it possible for the users to manage and operate the middleware application in an intuitive way.

Installation parameters

Import settings from headends using an industry standard XML file format and set up your signal distribution in just a few steps. Manage your multimedia sources in a unified and consistent user friendly interface. Map your sources to a built-in list of broadcast channels.

Device management

Supply the different devices in the IPTV ecosystem with the correct firmware. View the properties of each device connected to the system. Enable or disable certain devices and verify the status of each one of them. Allow for remote management of enabled devices.

Infrastructure management

This feature provides a tree based, directory alike, approach to the management of devices in different locations. Reduce maintenance costs and keep track of each device. This allows to centralize management and to provide an overview of your ecosystem. This feature can serve as a basis for provisioning.

Profile management

Assure service quality by selecting the right user profile for your end user. Present to your end user the service packages and channels bouquets they expect, by allocating them to a specific group. Using a tree based approach you can group end users into categories, facilitating provisioning.

Provisioning of services

Monitor access rights and privileges to ensure your end users have a unique "customer experience". Create, maintain and deactivate services packages. By allocating these packages to end user groups, management is simplified and moreover billing can be seamlessly integrated.

Provisioning of channel packages

Create bouquets of linear TV broadcasts or media streams. Allocate the channel package to a location or end user group and comply with your end users preferences or expectations. Grouping assets simplifies management, maintenance and billing.

Billing system

This module performs multiple functions. It offers a way to bill the end user for consumed services in close collaboration with the provisioning and the ability to print invoicing details. Basic reporting can be customized to your needs. Pricing is easily managed. Integration with 3rd party software is possible.