IPTV Middleware Functions

IPTV Portal is the front-end of the IPTV system.
It’s the end-user section, where the IPTV middleware services can be consulted and activated.The portal is customizable upon customer requests, regarding look and feel, but also regarding the available services.

Live TV

allows users to watch live SD and HD streams. The channel list gives an easy overview of the channels including a customizable description.

TV themes

allows you to classify the channels into different groups or themes.


enables users to consult teletext pages.

Live Radio

enables users to listen to live radio streams on the TV. Radio channels can be arranged per channel or per language.


service allows viewing a direct camera stream on the TV. You want to see what’s going on in your building? This is made possible by the camera service that allows people to access cameras from anywhere in the building through the network. If wanted, the camera can be accessed by anyone, but it is also possible to restrict the access of the camera to a selected group of people, e.g. your hotel staff...

Camera Mosaic

View multiple camera streams on the same screen in a mosaic. This is a handy feature when working with surveillance cameras. Several camera images on the same screen offers a nice overview of what is going on in the building.

Live DVD

Play a corporate video throughout the building or stream a movie for your customers? The DVD service is what you are looking for!

Clock Display

An analogue or digital clock on the screen, makes exprensive clocks for every room unnecessary.

Wake up

The users can set their wake-up call or time on the TV screen.

Desktop on TV

Connect a desktop to your network and stream anything you want from your desktop. The possibilities are endless. Stream a YouTube video, share your desktop screen for conferencing, play a corporate video…

Information Portal

Create personalized information pages regarding your hospitality services. These pages are created and customized with a built-in web editor.

Weather Info

Our solutions provides accurate weather data thanks to an integrated weather forecast feed.


We offer the user some free games like  Sudoku, Snake, Hang Man.


enables you to send messages to a device, locations, users or user groups. This service offers you an easy way to reach your customer with live information, special offers, emergency messages...


RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds are a simple way to keep up with the headlines. The service shows synoptic news items on a display. An Internet connection is required to implement live RSS feeds.

Customizable Homepage

Customize the content of the homepage of your IPTV portal! Information, advertising, weather forecast…

IPTV Media playlist

Create playlists of video, audio or online files and offer this as a channel in your IPTV platform.

EPG Service

EPG or Electronic Program Guide allows viewers to get detailed information about the TV programs.

Customer Bill

Enable customers to view their billing information on the TV screen! This service is not linked to a PMS system.

Order Service

Give your customers the ability to order drinks, food and gifts. Or let them make a restaurant or a spa booking.

External Communication

To make it as comfortable as possible for your guests, the external communication module allows them to send messages, video’s and pictures directly to their room.


You want to have an overview of the quality of your service? This module gives you an opportunity to build a survey and to add it to the portal.

IPTV Video On Demand

Offer your viewers their favorite video
content. Browse the catalogue, order and watch your movie within
seconds. Several different providers each offer premium content to which you are free to choose from. Pay-per-view is included which provides an extra source of profit.

Audio books

With this feature you can offer books to your audience, free of charge or as a paid service.

Music On Demand

Offer the best available music to your viewers. Compose your personalized playlists and swing away!

IPTV Network PVR

Live television programs can be captured and recorded. Instead of being tied to the strict broadcast schedule, anyone can record their favourite programs and replay them at their convenience.


Enable customers to pause and rewind live programs.

IPTV Digital Signage

Our Middleware lets you prepare content for one or more screens. With this feature you can use the system as a digital signage solution. Content can be assigned to one or more screens based on groups or physical structure.

Mobile Streaming

Our IPTV streaming solution supports HTTP live streaming to deliver streams to tablets and smartphones.


This makes integration with external applications possible.
Technical support, adjustments our customization of our platform or API is done by us on project base.