04/07/2016 - State-of-the-art budgetfriendly and scalable Digital Signage "CM Pro" Compact Media Programmer

»» Solution supporting the SoC (System on Chip) Samsung devices without need for expensive players
»» Intuitive & quick presentation creation and adaptation
»» User friendly drag and drop functionalities in software editor
»» Flexible widgets with dynamic or static information
»» Preview-editing & publishing
»» Alignment grid for smooth editing of new content
»» Centralized content management on different screens
»» Possibility to display presentations once, periodically or continuously
»» Hands-on Planning presentations and playlists
»» Scalable depending on number of devices (up to 20)
»» Set-up software stand-alone on Compact Media Programmer in LAN
»» Internet connection mandatory for online content and extra services

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