Interactive Solutions - IPTV - Digital Signage for Telecom, Broadcast, Hospitality, Hotels, Healthcare and Entertainment

Ant Systems designs, develops, and implements state-of-the art interactive systems like IPTV, Digital TV, CCTV, MaM, digital signage and audio-video applications for the telecom, hospitality, healthcare, and entertainment market. 

Our core business is the development and implementation of interactive multimedia solutions. In addition, we offer a wide range of modular digital headends and gateways for satellite, terrestrial and A/V signal reception. Our solutions are available for small and medium organizations, system integrators, telecom operators and resellers.  

Ant Systems acts like a system architect and consultant for telecom or ICT system integrators, project developers and engineering facilities. We provide innovative solutions for multimedia communication and reception systems both for small and medium sized networks. 

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IPTV Solution & Software

Live content on any device in your network!

Our TV distribution solutions take live TV streams from a wide range of sources – terrestrial, satellite, AV, as well as your own internal channels – and makes them available over your organization’s LAN, wireless network, IPTV clients and mobile devices. 


Digital Signage Software

Optimize your communication with a powerful digital signage system.

Our in-house developed Digital Signage solution is a state-of-the-art, dynamic, and flexibly web-based solution. In no time you deliver stunning presentations on the screens of your choice, at the time of your choice. Through a practical, hands-on software editor and an extensive library of widgets, you can enrich your presentations.



We offer a full range of IPTV Gateways and HLS Transcoders

This versatile range consists of A/V, satellite, cable, terrestrial, HDMI and transcoding solutions. We provide a wide range of IP streaming modules, which can be used to set-up your own modular headend reception system. 


Visitor Management System

Fast, efficient and secure visitor registration.

Thanks to our visitor registration app you are able to streamline your visitor reception, from reception to departure, and you ensure a professional and personalized appearance.

The perfect system for a variety of industries

Corporate Content and live TV Streaming in workspace environments.

IPTV - Digital Signage

Screen communication and empowerment solutions.
Enterprise, Manufacturing & Logistics.


IPTV and Screen Solutions for Healthcare organization.

IPTV - Digital Signage

IPTV, Digital Signage for Healthcare.
IPTV Healthcare System - Video Networking for Hospitals.
Hospitals, Medical Centres, Retirement Homes, Care Centres, Nursing Homes.

Entertainment Solutions for Host and well-being accommodations.

IPTV - Digital Signage

Screen communication and live TV Streaming.
Hotels, B&B's, Wellness, Restaurants, Entertainment, Casino's, Retail, Shops, Stadiums, Casino’s, Transport, Cruise ships, Cargo ships, Oil rigs.

IPTV - Digital Signage - Multimedia Solutions for Government Institutions.

Live TV & newsfeeds, IP Video & Digital Signage Solution on premise.

IPTV - Digital Signage - Live TV, audio video and content distribution for broadcast, telecom and media industry.

Broadcast and telecom operators, media agencies.

IPTV - Digital Signage - Entertainment & IPTV Solutions for Communities.

Residential areas, Living Apartments, Expat Communities, Campings.

IPTV, Signage for retail & shopping industry.

Shops, concept stores, malls.

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