Our IPTV and signage realisations.

Our solutions can be tailored to the unique needs of your application. 

Whether it is a hospital, a company, a service provider, a university, a pension, a luxury hotel or a sports stadium, we can provide personalized communication tools. 

IPTV & Signage

Royal Army, Military, Kingdom of Jordan

Algerian Army, Military, Algeria

Clinique Notre-Dame de Grâce, Healthcare, Belgium

WZC Home Diepenbroeck, Healthcare, Belgium

Résidence Dejaifve, Healthcare, Belgium

Baluart Hotel, Hotel, Mallorca

VRT, Broadcasting, Belgium

L'équipe, Newspaper, France

Radio Holland, Marine, Belgium

Euronews, Broadcasting, Belgium

Deme, Offshore, Belgium

Seahorse, Marine, Belgium


Digital Signage & MAM

Floralux tuin- en decoratiecentrum, Retail, Belgium

VRT, Broadcasting, Belgium

Napoleon Games, Casino, Belgium

Algerian Army, Military, Algeria

Vishandel Janssens, Retail, Belgium


Digital TV & Hospitality

Work Platform, Offshore, Mali

WZC Hof ten Kouter, Healthcare, Belgium

Novotel Ieper, Hotel, Belgium

Mercure Hotel, Hotel, Belgium

Van der Valk, Hotel, Belgium

Hotel Flanders, Hotel, Belgium

Hotel Navarra, Hotel, Belgium


Visitor Management System

Soncontra, Transport & Logistics, Belgium

Essent, Energy, Belgium

Soenen Golfkarton, Enterprise / Factory, Belgium

Cnudde Packaging, Enterprise / Retail, Belgium

Meli, Enterprise / Factory,  Belgium

Voeders Depre, Factory, Belgium

Fides Petfood, Factory, Belgium

Holland Diervoers, Factory, The Netherlands