Content Management made easy

The Media Asset Management solution is an integrated product that allows broadcasters to record live programs continuously, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This solution creates a “media pool” with recordings from several days, weeks or months. Extracts from programs can be requested in the administrator module, with an easy to use mark-in mark-out system.

Optional EPG data can automatically be attached to the requested asset, together with other metadata. Requested assets can be downloaded (CD/DVD publishing, e-mail, ftp, …) or streamed from the system. Assets can be secured based on user rights or group policies. 

Based on available storage capacities, administrators can decide how long to keep the “media pool”. Expiry dates can be set per channel and asset. Video quality, bandwidth and storage are scalable.

With an optional transcoding solution, assets can be transcoded for different deliveries on the fly while requesting an asset. The transcoding solution helps you save on storage costs.



Ant Systems offers you a very robust Media Asset Server that comes with different storage possibilities. Several servers can be combined into one big media pool, this makes the solution scalable to any customer needs. One server can store up to 12500 hours of video assets.

Extracted assets can be stored on an optional NAS/SAN system, or directly on the Video On Demand / Download server.

Key features

  • In house developed solution.
  • Robust and smart extraction process.
  • Streaming to set-top box, tv, desktop, iPad.
  • Cost-effective and scalable upon customer request.
  • Can be personalized.
  • Support for different delivery methods.
  • Runs on provided commodity hardware.
  • Lossless or compressed capturing (No stream data is removed).
  • Web-based (remote) management.
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