Optimize your communication with a powerful digital signage system.

Digital Signage is attracting your audience, customers, visitors,...with stunning on screen content. Creating efficient and affordable content has never been more fun!

Our in-house developed Digital Signage solution is a state-of-the-art, dynamic, and flexibly web-based solution. In no time you deliver stunning presentations on the screens of your choice, at the time of your choice. Through a practical, hands-on software editor and an extensive library of widgets, you can enrich your presentations.

Our smart planner makes it easy to program multiple screens days or even weeks in advance. That makes it the perfect solution for recurrent messages or special actions.


Digital Signage Software - Content Management made easy!

Digital presentations are essential in our Digital Signage story. They visualize the content created with the content editor and scheduled with the planner. These presentations can be linked to different devices, user groups or locations. Within a presentation, several pages and widgets can be added along with different parameters. Those widgets provide the main content for your pages. Widgets can be linked to one or more pages, or to the whole presentation on the master page. While displaying the planned content, you can find an overview of all planned presentations in the planner tool. This provisioning makes it very easy to modify, maintain and deactivate presentations. Allocating presentations to devices, groups or locations has never been so easy!


Digital Signage Content Editor

An easy-to-use content editor helps the user to create the desired content for your presentations. Multiple dynamic widgets and tools are available to create and launch new content in a snap. 


Digital Signage Scheduler / Playlist

The planner tool is the perfect instrument to plan presentations. You can play each presentation or event once, periodically, or continuously, on any device. 


Digital Signage - Widgets - Templates

Creating efficient and affordable content has never been more fun! 

No static templates, but flexible and dynamic widgets.


Digital Signage - Industries

Communicate visually and powerfully with your audience.

Corporate, hotels, healthcare, government, logistics or retail?

There is a solution for every industry!

The advantages of our signage solution!

  • Simple and easy-to-use drag and drop content editor.
  • Unlimited number of personalized screen layouts.
  • Unlimited number of screens.
  • No static templates, but flexible and dynamic widgets and presentations.
  • Special and custom developed widgets.
  • Endless possibilities with IP streaming, images, and videos.
  • Connection with internal or external systems possible.
  • Reliable back-up and restore function.
  • Support for a wide range of display formats.
  • Universal web platform for Digital Signage and IPTV.
  • Receives the content through the IP network or online cloud.
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IPTV and Digital Signage: All in one solution

Through our extensive know-how in the field of IPTV, many features of our IPTV solution were integrated into our Digital Signage product. So, you can also use live TV, besides the standard Digital Signage features, both full-screen and picture in picture. 

Our signage solutions allow you to easily update, change and control your displays across single and multiple sites. The Scheduler tool is the perfect tool for planning presentations, the essence of your Digital Signage system. Through role-based user management, you can select which users can schedule presentations, and who can view them. These presentations can be scheduled for one-time, periodic, or continuous playback on any screen. 


Want to know more?

Digital Signage software in the cloud or on premise.

Your monitors, TV’s, digital kiosks, video walls are connected through an embedded or standalone player. The players can receive content through our signage application set-up in a local IP network or in the cloud. This is your call, both options are possible. 

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