Digital Signage. Visual and powerful communication with your audience.

Signage - Digital Content Creation in Companies & Enterprises

  • Content delivery to your workspace and audience.
  • Digital signage: Content, Media and live TV Streaming. 
  • Enterprise video and media delivery has become more important than ever within the workspace. The need to deliver corporate info, live data, news has become key in day-to-day workings, with signage content creation and planning the quickest way to get a message across.

Signage for Hotels & Guest accomodations

  • Informing and entertaining your guest.
  • Triple Play - IPTV – Digital Signage Solution. 
  • Our digital signage combined with IPTV allows the delivery of info, advertising, live streams, and special events to all TV screens across your hotel, creating a modern, classy, and high-quality guest experience.

Digital Signage - Information and entertainment in hospitals, retirement homes and residential care centers

  • Patient comfort and communication.
  • IPTV- VOD & Digital signage in healthcare environment. 
  • TV, Video, and media technology makes patients and visitors interaction possible and improves people’s mental well-being and comfort.

Signage - Digital display communication for the Government/Governments

  • Secure communication and content delivery
  • IPTV - Signage on premise for secure and private community
  • SECURE IPTV & DIGITAL SIGNAGE in a secure and private environment.
  • Our solution can be set up in a private network, delivering high quality IPTV and Digital Signage content without the need to be connected to the world wide web.

Signage - Visual content display on screens in production and logistics

  • Employee Empowerment - Digital Signage - Live TV - Media & Video Delivery.
  • Employee empowerment is a major challenge for many in the logistics, manufacturing, and warehousing industries. Companies trying to promote culture, keep staff informed and engaged better in their business, are choosing digital media technologies to help deliver this.

Signage - Attractive content on screens in retail and shopping

  • Retail Digital Signage - IP Television - Video Streaming - Touchscreen - Video Walls.
  • In-store experience is key for retailers. New signage technologies can enhance the customer retail journey, competing with online shopping. Displaying interesting product info, weather changes, breaking news or … makes the IN-STORE experience more appealing. Digital Signage, or electronic posters, can play a huge part in delivering such a strategy.

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The advantages of our digital signage solution!

  • Simple and easy-to-use drag and drop content editor.
  • Unlimited number of personalized screen layouts.
  • Unlimited number of screens.
  • No static templates, but flexible and dynamic widgets and presentations.
  • Special and custom developed widgets.
  • Endless possibilities with IP streaming, images, and videos.
  • Connection with internal or external systems possible.
  • Reliable back-up and restore function.
  • Support for a wide range of display formats.
  • Universal web platform for Digital Signage and IPTV.
  • Receives the content through the IP network or online cloud.
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