State of the art Digital Signage, IPTV and interactive software

Ant Systems designs, develops, and implements state-of-the art interactive systems like IPTV, Digital TV, CCTV, MaM, digital signage and audio-video applications for the telecom, hospitality, healthcare, and entertainment market. 

Our core business is the development and implementation of interactive multimedia solutions. In addition, we offer a wide range of modular digital headends and gateways for satellite, terrestrial and A/V signal reception. Our solutions are available for small and medium organizations, system integrators, telecom operators and resellers.  

Ant Systems acts like a system architect and consultant for telecom or ICT system integrators, project developers and engineering facilities. We provide innovative solutions for multimedia communication and reception systems both for small and medium sized networks. 


Interactive Solutions IPTV - Digital Signage for Telecom, Broadcast, Hotels,Hospitality, Healthcare and Entertainment

The TV and Desktop experience are clearly growing towards each other. Watching TV on PC is no longer a novelty anymore. Offering advanced multimedia and communications services on TV, set-top box, desktop, smartphones and tablet, however, is certainly new and innovative. This technology symbiosis requires a new approach! 

To capture this evolution there is a need for comprehensive interactive communications. Setting up such a system requires great expertise and know-how. Due to the complexity of these communications systems, there is also the need for a partner that provides full integration, service and support. 

Ant Systems offers his customers this added value. 

Ant Systems focuses primarily on the telecom and hospitality market (hotels, hospitals, banks, companies ...). Communication systems for those industries require a customized solution.  

To fulfil these needs, Ant Systems provide customized solutions and integration services according to the needs and demands of the customer. 


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