Infotainment & IPTV on Vessels

Entertain with an interactive in-cabin experience and create a home media experience.

IPTV onboard entertainment features

  • Live TV and Radio & TV Guide
  • RSS Live News feeds like weather, clock, CNN, Sports, ….
  • Communicate onboard with Messages and New & Events
  • Food & Beverages, Menu’s
  • Movies & Video’s
  • Record your favourite channels
  • Time Shift & Trick Play
  • Customize TV portal suitable TV’s, Stb’s, Desktop and mobile devices
  • Trick Play and HLS streaming

We offer an end-to-end entertainment solution

  • IPTV gateway with satellite, terrestrial and HDMI module
  • IPTV Middleware – VOD – Recording – Time Shift - Transcoding - HLS Services
  • Supporting TV, STB, Desktop, and mobile devices


Do you want IPTV Infotainment on your vessels?