Ref. 824E IPTV-DVB-S2-2CI-64


824E IPTV-DVB-S2-2CI-64

Satellite Module DVB-S(2) to IP | Multicast module

The new satellite module has 4 inputs allowing the reception of 4 different satellite bands per module. Because the module has 8 satellite tuners and a built-in multiswitch, reception of 8 different transponders coming from any of the 4 input satellite bands is possible.

  • DVB-S(2) to IP
  • 4 sat inputs
  • 8 tuners
  • 8 transponders
  • 2 CI Slot
  • up to 64 SPTS channels


Satellite module
Inputs 4 x satellite (4 satellite bands per module) 1 IP Gigabit input (4 MPTS transport streams per module)
Integrated multiswitch Yes, allows flexible routing of satellite programs to multiplexes (QAM or COFDM)
Configuration Built-in webserver or optional UUI configuration software
Remote access Via RMU
Encoded programs From all 8 tuners. Can be routed through 1 or 2 CAMs and can be decoded using multi-service CAMs
DVB-T output Mbps Up to 31.7 / multiplex
DVB-C output Mbps Up to 51.3 / multiplex
IPTV output Up to 64-SPTS channels in Multicast
Dimensions 5 RU x 8 TE x 367 mm