Ref. 920 Remote Management Unit


920 Remote Management Unit

Hardware Remote Management Module (HW-RMM)

The remote management module contains the software which makes it possible for you to configure the headend and its modules. You can access this software locally or remotely.

Configuration and monitoring

  • Status and metrics of all modules (cam, load, channels, bandwidth, ....)
  • Configure inputs, outputs and CA
  • Reboot, reset, restore module
  • Channel overview
  • Export/import configurations
  • Upgrade firmware, manually or automatically
  • Digital manual

Upgradable or convertable via upload device license

Possibility to upgrade or convert device modules with extra functionalities such as extra tuners, extra output capacity, convert output, ...

Possibility to monitor multiple installations via a master UI.

The webbased UI of the remote management module focuses on ease of use.